9th meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative

3-4 july 2017, Paris
Meeting objectives
  • uDiscuss Global Agendas’ progress, including SDGs, Paris Agreement, Habitat III and the 8th World Water Forum
  • uCarry out a 2nd consultation on water governance indicators building on lessons from the 12 pilot-tests
  • uPeer-review analytical work on water governance in Brazil and climate change adaptation in selected LAC basins
  • uDiscuss highlights from the 60+ water governance stories collected on the OECD Principles on Water Governance
  • uShare knowledge and experience on water governance reforms, research and recent events
  • uZoom on the case of water governance in France and the impact of recent territorial and other policy reforms

Agenda Agenda
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Key messages Key messages
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List of participants List of participants
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9th meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative

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