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“UWWT SIIF”: a free tool to speed up the availability of national sanitation data - EU


The Structured Implementation and Information Framework (SIIF) concept is an ongoing project essentially focused on the organization and management of data in order to enhance the generation of information for policy makers, interested parties and the public at all levels on how legislation is practically implemented.

The SIIF project opted to implement an open-source IT toolbox. The tool was designed to disseminate environmental data and information at national level but also to facilitate the reporting process to EC.
It provides EU Member States with a cheap way to implement Article 11 of the INSPIRE directive, and thus to develop a national waste water website. The framework of this website can also be adapted to correspond to other European Policies.

It also has an objective to reduce the administrative burden, provide more up-to-date data, and increase efficiency for all potential users.

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