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13th International Conference « EUROPE-INBO 2015 »

for the implementation of the European Water Directives



Europe-INBO DECLARATION of Thessaloniki 

  • 21 octobre 2015
    • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) Event
    • Workshop on Diffuse Pollution Sources
    • Technical workshop on the project Eco Cuencas
    • Bureau de Liaison / liason bureau
  • 22 octobre 2015
    • Ouverture / Opening
    • ROUNDTABLE 1 : Measures of adaptation to the climate change - "Water" Component of the COP21 in Paris in 2015
    • ROUNDTABLE 2 : Water Governance in Transboundary Basins
  • 23 octobre 2015
    • ROUNDTABLE 3 : The financing of Water Policy, Economic analysis and Regulation
    • ROUNDTABLE 4 : Local Processes for the Application of the Directives (Tributaries, Aquifers, Bays) and the Participtation of Local Stakeholders
    • International and Regional Initiatives ; from international organisations ; Water component of COP21
    • Closing ceremony, General synthesis and conclusions


 All the photo in the Gallery
 Please come and sign the pact on water and adaptation to climate change in the basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers !

The Paris Pact  (in different languages)




The complete program




Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) Event

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece1925 -2015 - Theodore Laopoulos
Νερό: Δικαίωμα –Μοχλός ανάπτυξης – Παράγοντας ειρήνης - Ε. Κολοκυθά
Ecological quality and management at a river basin level(IPSP) - Maria Lazaridou
Ecological water quality of lakes in Greece (WFD) - Matina Katsiapi
UNESCO Chair/INWEB: An international network for fostering transboundarywater cooperation - CharalamposSkoulikaris
Organic Micropollutants in the Framework of Water Directives - Dimitra Voutsa
Dewatered Biological Slude Valorisation by Vermicomposting and Solar Drying in Open Greenhouse - Athanasios Guitonas


Workshop on Diffuse Pollution Sources

Outcomes from the Workshop on diffuse pollution sources
Diffuse pollution sources, status and stakes in Europe - Claire McCamphil
Greek National Policy on Diffuse Pollution Sources - SourcesChrisoula Nikolarou
Scotland’s Approach to Diffuse Pollution - Darrell Crothers
Stakeholders involvement for reduction of diffuse pollution : an overview of strategies and tools in France - Laurence Amblard
Raising awareness - Rebecca Audsley
Overview of mitigation options to reduce nutrient losses from rural areas and to improve surface water quality (Cost 869) - Antonio Lo Porto
Diffuse pollution in river basin management - Przemysław Gruszecki
Diffuse pollution - How to Develop Solutions to Identify and Tackle Critical Sources - Ray Earle


Technical workshop on the project Eco Cuencas

Taller del Proyecto Eco Cuencas durante la Conferencia EURO RIOB 2015 - Nicolas Bourlon


Ouverture / Openning

Implementing the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive - Pavel MISIGA
From water management to water governance - Jacques GANOULIS
Presentation de Jean-François Donzier, Permanent Technical Secretary


ROUNDTABLE 1 : Measures of adaptation to the climate change - "Water" Component of the COP21 in Paris in 2015

The 2nd planning cycle of WFD water management in Poland - Jerzy ZWOŹDZIAK
Water and climate change : How to deal with in river basin management plans ? - Jean-Marie QUÉMÉNER
Water Framework Directive: the implementation in Greece - There is floor to go on… - Maria Lazaridou
Water Reuse in the Greece & EU: Current Practice and Trends - Andreas N. Angelaki
How to integrate drought management into the RBMPs Guidelines for preparation of the Drought Management Plan as part of the RBMP - Sabina Bokal
Implementation of the Flood Directive in Romania - Daniela RĂDULESCU
Creating underground water reservoirs in the river basins of humid and arid areas is one way of adaptation to climate change -  Mikhail Kalinin
Reuse of Treated Effluent in Cyprus - Panayiota Hadjigeorgiou
Basin Committees Role in elaboration of River Basin Management Plans in Romania - Gheorghe Constantin


 ROUNDTABLE 2 : Water Governance in Transboundary Basins

Transboundary Water Cooperation for Sustainable Development -The Case of the Sava River Basin - Dejan Komatina
Implementation of EU Water Policy in Austria - Ernst ÜBERREITER
EASTAVERT PROJECT “The prevention and protection against floods in the upper Siret and Prut River Basins, through the implementation of a modern monitoring system with automatic stations”–MIS ETC 966 - Ada Pandele, Marius Matreata, Viorel Chendes, Bogdan Ion
Transboundary cooperationin the case of Vardar/Axios RB - Ljupka Dimoska Zajkov
Water resources development in changing climatic conditions -a challenge for adaptation activities in Polish-German cross-border area - Mariusz Adynkiewicz-Piragas, Iwona Zdralewicz
The Prespa Lakes basin: -15 years of transboundary cooperation - Daphne Mantziou
Dissemination of European experience on water management in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus &Central Asia (EECCA) - Viktor Dukhovniy
Water management in Transboundary River Basins andApplication of the water related Directives - Olena Boyeva


ROUNDTABLE 3 : The financing of Water Policy, Economic analysis and Regulation

Presentation of the Current situation in Greece - Soso DOUKA
Water Agency support to implementation of RBMP measures- illustration of the Artois-Picardie's river basin - Marcus AGBEKODO, Stephane HAUSSOULIER
Water Regulation : the Italian case and the European Cooperation - Alberto Biancardi
Economic Analysis for water management in Norway - Kerry Maria AGUSTSSON
Economic instruments in water policy - Ina Krüger, Dr. Manuel Lago, Jennifer Möller-Gulland


ROUNDTABLE 4 : Local Processes for the Application of the Directives (Tributaries, Aquifers, Bays) and the Participtation of Local Stakeholders

Territorial approaches in water management, strengths, weaknesses, lessons learnt for the WFD implementation - Natacha Jacquin
Recovering lacustrine, coastal, semi-urban polluted ecosystems around Valencia - Enrique CIFRES
Municipal water operators as major stakeholders in the development and functioning of the RBMPs - Markos Sklivaniotis
Water Resources Management Efforts & Challenges by a Water Supplier (EYATH SA) - thanasios Soupilas
PPC’s Involvement in the Application of the WFD - KOUVOPOULOS
Local transboundary implementation of WFD - Arnould Lefébure
Stakeholder participation in case studies - Richard Muller
How to develop solutions for tackling those pressures at local level? - Philippe Dupont


 International and Regional Initiatives ; from international organisations ; Water component of COP21

Journée Résilience – 2 Décembre 2015 Agenda de l’Action Lima Paris (LPAA) - Anca LEROY
OECD principles on Water Governance - Antonio Canamas Catala
The Water JPI -Joint Programming Initiative- Water Challenges for a Changing World - Dominique DARMENDRAIL
L'accès à l'eau et l'assainissement pour tous ... un objectif (ODD 6) au coeur de l'agenda 2015-2030 des Nations-Unies ! - Jacky Cottet