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16th "EUROPE-INBO 2018" international conference
for the Implementation of the European Water Directives

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 The International Conference "EUROPE-INBO 2018" for a better implementation of the European Water Directive was held in Seville, Spain from 17 to 20 October 2018 at the invitation of the Hydrographic Confederation of Guadalquivir.


The meeting of the INBO World Liaison Bureau was held on Wednesday 17 October 2018 from 17:00  to 19:00 at Hotel MELIA SEVILLA.


Declaration of Seville


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Accomodation  : Hotel Meliá Sevilla- Registration Form for Accommodation





Declaration of Seville

Full Program



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  •   Wednesday 17 October from 10:30 to 16:30

  Workshop "Invasive Alien Species: Prevention and Management Solutions"               

Call for posters
Concept note

Papers :

- Invasive Alien Species Example of good practices French Biodiversity  agency - Gaëlle Deronzier
- Invasive Alien Species - Management of IAS - Ray Earle
- Management of Invasive Alien Species - Nicolás Cifuentes
- Surveillance of aquatic IAS in the Netherlands - Henk Groenewoud
- Development of a system of early detection of zebra mussel through analysis of eDNA - Marta Prado Rodríguez


  •   Wednesday 17 October from 17.00 to 19.00

INBO World Liaison Bureau

Agenda of the bureau
Work program 2019-2021
Other documents


  • Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October

INBO Secretary General opening  - Jean-François Donzier

Presentation of Water Governance in Spain - Joaquín Páez

Europe's water today - Hans Stielstra


    The 4 roundtables will take place in plenary sessions on on the following topics:

Roundtable 1 - Prevention of Drought: Adaptation Planning at the Basin Level, Reuse and Desalination.

Water Framework Directive implementation in Belarus with account to climate change adaptation - Vladimir Korneev

Strategies to adapt to water scarcity: circular economy and resource recovery - Sébastien Pellion

Climate change impact on water and adaptation measures in Spain - Teodoro Estrela Monreal

Water reuse in the management and hydrological planning in the Jucar River Basin District - Javier Ferrer Polo

Drought Relief in Pearl River Delta - He Zhibo

Paper of Víctor Juan Cifuentes Sánchez

Impact du changement climatique sur le bassin Adour-Garonne - Martin Malvy

Prevention of drought: Adaptation planning at the basin level, reuse and desalination. A case study fron the island of Malta - Michael Schembri


Roundtable 2 - Efficiency and Multiple Benefits: The Interest of Combining Hydraulic Infrastructure and Nature-Based Solutions.

EFFICIENCY & MULTIPLE BENEFITSThe interest of combining hydraulic infrastructure and nature-based solutions to face the issue of climate change -
Bart Fokkens

Climat change impact on water and adaptation measures in Spain - Teodoro Estrela Monreal

L'Ambassade de l'eau / Water Embassy - Jeannette Pretot

Paper of Bendik Eithyn Halgunset

Sinergias de las obras hidráulicas en los países áridos. El caso del Ebro - Manuel Omedas Margelí

La gestión de sequías en la cuenca del Ebro. Retos del cambio climático -  Rogelio Galván Plaza

Water Resources Management in Brazil - Oscar de Moraes Cordeiro Netto

WFD requirements - Peter Rudberg

Roundtable 3 - International Cooperation: Twinning and Peer-to-Peer Exchanges, Neighbourhood Area, Transboundary Waters,

Jumelage Agence du bassin hydraulique de SoussMassa & Agence de l’Eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse - Anahi Barrera

Experiences of the International Sava River Basin Commission in transboundary cooperation - Dragan Zeljko

Aplicacion de los tratados de Nayona en la comarca de la Cerdana en Girona, Espana - Antonio Coch

International transboudary cooperation in the Danube River Basin context – Romanian experience - Andreea Galie, Sorin Rândasu

MEMBO - REMOB - REMOC - Laura Tanco Ballesteros

15 yearsof cooperationbetweenEst AegeanBasin Directorate(Bulgaria) and Artois-Picardie River Basin (France) - Tsvetelina Kaneva, Arnaud Courtecuisse

The Importance of Twinning for the Hungarian Water Management Historical Aspects - Kálmán Papp

International cooperation on the DNIESTER river basinbetween the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine - Dumitru Proca

Cooperación Internacional: Hermanamientos e Intercambios Entre Pares, Zona de Vecindad, Aguas Transfronterizas - Sean Cazares

Future of the Amu Darya Basin in the context of adaptation to climate change - Oygul Usmanova


Roundtable 4 - Revision of the Water Framework Directive (WFD): Improving Coordination with other European Directives (MarineSFD, Flood, Renewable Energy Directives…).

Paper on WFD - Luis Martínez Cortina

Revision of the Water Framework Directive. A case in The Netherlands - Peter C.G. Glas

Vers une Directive Européenne tropicalisée ? - Marie-France Toul

Révision de la DCEComment améliorer la cohérence entreles directives européennes ? - Christian Lecussan

Coordination between EC Water Policies and CAP - The case of soil loss - Juan Lluch

Water Management in the Republic of Serbia, WFD and coordination with other Directives - Nataša Milić

Integrated implementation of the WFD, MSFD, NiDand UWWTD considering the nutrients emissions reduction in Romania - Elvira Marchidan


Special session on International and Regional Initiatives

International cooperation for the management of transboundary aquifers - Antonio Chambel

Life Watch ERIC - Marta Copado García

OECD Water Governance Indicators - Peter Glas

SDG6: The world is not on the right track…unlessweall acttogether! - Jacky Cottet

Paper of Lupercio Antonio Ziroldo - Lupercio Antonio Ziroldo

Nouvelles masses d'eau. Exploitation des eaux conventionnelles et non conventionnelles - Fadi Georges Comair

Preliminary activities on heavy rain risk management in Central Europe : RAINMAN Project CE 968-Integrated Heavy Rain Risk Management - Mariuz Adynkiwicz-Piragas

Youth policy - Faucard


Official Closing ceremony

Reporting on the Worshop on Invasive Alien Species - Courtecuisse

Reporting roundtable 1 - Cifuentes

Reporting roundtable 2 : Martinez

Reporting roundtable 3 - Lefebure

Reporting roundtable 4 - Tanco

Presentation of the candidacy of Malta to host the "Europe-INBO 2020" - Schembri

Invitation at the next "Europe-INBO" Conference 2019 in Finland & short introduction on the organization of water governance in Finland - Taina Ihaksi

Presentation of the “Declaration of Seville” - Eric Tardieu



  • Saturday 20 October from 09:00 to 13:30

A technical visit will be organized to discover the hydraulic installations of the 1992 Universal Exhibition site on the La Cartuja island, but also the emblematic monuments of Seville history, such as the Spain Square (Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929), and, in the old town, the Cathedral and its Giralda and the Alcazar.