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The 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) take place in Marrakech from 7 to 18 November 2016.
The COP22 takes over a COP21 in which significant progress was made. It should be part of the action to realize the different priorities selected in the Paris Agreement, including those relating to adaptation, transparency, technology transfer, mitigation, capacity building and damages.
The United Nations Climate Conference (COP) focus on mitigating the effects of climate change and adaptation innovation.
COP 22 also aims to "developing operational tools as part of the Paris-Lima which became the Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA)".




INBO facilitator of events on water and climate



Download :

Outcomes document of the action event on water


All events 

 Monday the 7th november
- Side Event of the Moroccan Ministry of Water :
« Climatic risks related Water »
Tuesday 8th november
- Side Event of theSahara and Sahel Observatory:
"Groundwater in the face of climate change" -  - 
Presentation by Jean-François Donzier
- Workshop Afrialliance :  «The need for social innovation in the field of water and climate: regional priorities in Africa» - Presentation Document
- Side Event of the Moroccan Ministry of Water : Water and Climate in Africa 
- PFE Side Event : «Scientific knowledge for smart planning and decision-making» -  The INBO Recommandations
- INBO Side Event : Paris Pact on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change: Results and perspectives a year after COP21 
Wednesday 9th november
Official World Water Day to the Global Climate Action Agenda ( GCAA) - Concept note
- Press Conférence on Water use
- The "Water Showcase" - La Vitrine de l'Eau : 
Openning ceremony -   New initiatives of COP22 -
Assessment and prospects of the Paris COP21 : 

- The "Water Dialogue" - le "Dialogue sur l'eau":
- The signatures of new cooperation agreements "Water and climate" on the Pavillon de la France -
- Signing of " Marrakech Declaration of Global Alliances for Water and Climate (GAWC)" -  The Déclaration
- Signing of cooperation agreements on the Congo and Sebou basins
- INBO Side Event on the Paris Pact on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change: International Cooperation on the EU Water Guidelines -

Thursday 10th november

- Side Event PFE :
«Water and Climate in Island Territories»
- INBO Side Event on the SUEZ stand : «The Paris Pact on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change in Basins»

Friday 11th november

Sequence of side events on "water" on the Pavillon de la France
- Signature of the agreement of the working group on space hydrology - application of the satellite SWOT - l'accord
- Presentation to Ms. Ségolène Royale and Judith Enaw of the Blue Passport of the Citizen of the Basin - Side Event PFE / OIEau:
"International Cooperation of Water Agencies"

Wednesday 16th november

- Side Event on Water and Adaptation in Brazil

Thursday 17th november

- High-level event on the acceleration of climate action: restitution of the GCAA event dedicated to water -
Conclusion and proposal for the global climate action agenda by the Champion - The brief : Marrakekech Partnership for GCA




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Message de Ségolène Royal : towards COP22