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Under the UNECE Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourse and International Lakes3 (Water Convention) and its Task Force on Water and Climate a programme of pilot projects in 8 transboundary basins in the pan-European region has since 2010 promoted adaptation to climate change in the transboundary context4 ().
From 2013, this programme will be broadened to include additional basins also from other regions of the world. This network will be managed by UNECE, the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) as well as other potential partners such as the Global Water Partnership (GWP).
The programme and network aim to promote cooperation on adaptation in (transboundary) basins, to compare different methodologies and approaches for adapting to climate change and promote a shared vision between the participating basins. While the different basins primarily work on their adaptation activities themselves in accordance with the agreed decisions of their governing bodies or with the terms of reference of international projects, joining the network would allow for the exchange of experience, learning from each other, establishing contacts between basins and their experts, discussing challenges and lessons learnt etc. The network will include annual meetings of all basins, regular larger workshops and other ways of exchanging experience, depending on interest, demand and resources.
In addition, the network will allow the preparation of a document summarizing the
experiences and lessons learnt from the basins in terms of adaptation to climate change at the transboundary level, to be presented at the seventh World Water Forum (2015, South Korea).