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On Friday, 5th November 2021, during COP26, took place the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Common Purpose (MOCP) between the Mississippi River Cities & Towns Initiative (MRCTI) and the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO).

The MOCP aims to support and finance actions between MRCTI and INBO across the world’s major food-producing river basins, and to develop joint projects for climate change adaptation, especially thanks to Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and a greater dialogue between cities and their basins.

As subnational leaders across America’s heartland, we are excited to be partnering with INBO because of the great work we have already done together since COP 21 in Paris where we signed a historic water and food security agreement,” said Mayor Belinda Constant, Mayor of Gretna, LA and MRCTI Louisiana State Chair.

 “It is vital that the world’s #1 food producing river basin be engaged at the global level with INBO because we need to develop capacities and processes to implement integrated management for river basins to address the impacts of climate change that impact critical ecosystem services our rivers provide such as supplying fresh water and commodities. We have to globally address climate change and this partnership with MRCTI and INBO takes our work to the scale required,” explained Errick D. Simmons, Mayor of Greenville, MS and MRCTI Co-Chair.

 “Water is the first victim of climate change and we have to adapt our strategies if we want to have it in quantity and quality, particularly for food production. INBO works for the development of approaches of integrated water resources management, and is very pleased to develop new solutions with MRCTI, including NBS, and to consolidate the necessary dialogue between cities and their basin.” told us Eric Tardieu, Permanent Secretary of INBO.

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