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The « Education and Knowledge » component of the Geneva Water Hub based at the Institute for Environmental Sciences (UNIGE-ISE) is proud to present the official trailer of the MOOC on Water Resource Management and Policy ("Massive Open Online Course").
This on-demand course (not limited in time) is the first of a series, free of charge and freely accessible on the Coursera platform starting September 2015. It is intended for a wide audience interested by the challenges around water as a resource (general public, students, professionals, decision-makers) and is articulated around five modules:
  • From water resource definition, to the ideals of common property governance;
  • Rules around the resource, using or by-passing them;
  • From Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), to the Water-Energy-Food and ecosystem Nexus.
  • Integrated water basin management
  • Water, conflicts and cooperation
Along with speakers from the academic world, practitioners confronted daily with the political dimensions of water management will have their say in this course spoken in French but with English subtitles (available before the end of 2015).
For more information on the Geneva Water Hub and its activities, log on the platform at and follow our social media