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Using the results of WFD Monitoring programmes - An European review of communication tools

Regarding preparation of the second WFD river basin management plans, which include a review of the surveillance networks and programmes, a workshop on this topic was organised in the frame of the yearly conference of the EUROPE-INBO (November 13, 2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria). The participants representing various Member States have identified important recommendations and good practices during the workshop that can be found in the workshop report. But they also identified important questions on specific points that could be further investigated, as a continuation in the frame of the Europe-INBO network activities. The main topics identified and developed within the present document are the following: 
  • How to better deal with the One Out All Out principle (1OAO) in order to show the progress achieved on WB ecological status;
  • Communication tools: how to communicate the results to the decision-makers and to the general public.
To respond to these needs, EUROPE-INBO Group is proposing to extend the network to involve most of the River Basin Authorities and Districts Competent authorities responsible for the implementation of the WFD, and to develop the activities in order to strengthen mutual learning and sharing information between RBDs/MS about WFD implementation and river basin management planning.
Based on the past experiences and in order to develop a frame to the network activities, EUROPE-INBO would like to propose organising the exchanges in 2014 around one topic which appears as important issue in the context of implementing PoMs and preparing the second RBMPs :
 Communication on and through monitoring results
Taking stocks of previous exchanges and the interest expressed by participants to the dedicated Monitoring workshop in 2013, it is proposed to extend the exchanges by focusing on the ways to use the monitoring data to communicate the results to the decision-makers and the public.
On that basis, this activity aims at preliminarily express the stakes and issues of the main identified questions. It will serve as a background document and will be enriched from the exchanges that will occur within the EUROPE-INBO network in 2014 and thanks also to identification of best practices and the difficulties faced by different countries or basins in these areas. The achievements of these exchanges; practical experiences and best practices, will also be shared within the network.

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