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The Koassanga association was founded by people mobilized by Samuel Kalaydjian. Indeed, this French national was solicited by the Koassanga village populations, in the commune of Ziniaré, to help them face their difficulties in accessing food and health. The association has thus initiated the project to set up ECOSAN latrines in the commune of Ziniaré, to provide the population with sanitation adapted to the rural context. The installation of EcoSan latrines meets sanitation, food security and environmental objectives.

These ecological family latrines are built in a residential area with 1 or 2 households, for optimal use. The village's public places are also equipped. These dry-type toilets operate on the principle of separating urine and faeces, with the aim of subsequently enhancing these two types of excreta. After an appropriate storage time, the 2 types of hygienized excreta are used as amendments in agriculture by households. In the first year, the amount of fertilizer produced by a family allows it to be self-sufficient in food after the first agricultural season, i.e. 18 to 24 months after the construction of the latrine. Indeed, the yields induced by EcoSan practices are much higher than those obtained by traditional farming practices and conventional practices using chemical fertilizers.

The valorization of human excreta in crops is an effective approach to agriculture that is consistent with the natural cycle of soil enrichment. Indeed, this practice is based on the functioning of agrosystems: thanks to the mineralization of faeces and urine by microorganisms present in the soil, these excreta are no longer considered as waste and a circular economy can emerge. Thanks to the positive results obtained, this project has expanded to other regions and is now national in scope.


Region of the world
Sub-Saharan Africa
Society challenge
Water quality preservation
Field target
Agricultural field
Ecological sanitation
Communal development
Ecological fertilization
Training for alternative agriculture
Women’s involvement
Hygiene awareness
Koassanga, Ziniaré, Burkina Faso
Samuel Kalaydjian
Project manager in Burkina Faso
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