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The upper basin of the Guayllabamba River is one of the most populated areas in Ecuador, mainly due to the presence of the capital Quito. In this region water demand is growing exponentially and comes mainly from irrigation for agriculture, drinking water and industry.

In response to this problem, FONAG was created as a financial mechanism for the implementation of projects to protect the ecosystems that are DMQ´s water sources. Through various economic contributions, FONAG uses the financial revenues generated by this fund to co-finance conservation, monitoring, investigation, restoration and environmental education programs.
FONAG gives priority to participatory management in its actions by directly involving the populations living in the basin. It develops hydrosocial assessments to understand the needs and socio environmental problems and establishes conservation agreements with the communities and private landowners. To recover degraded areas it applies passive and active restoration strategies that include planting native flora, seed bombing and protecting areas with fences.  

FONAG also has “paramo” rangers who carry out duties such as monitoring, control and surveillance to protect water sources from threats like forest fires, illegal fishing or hunting, uncontrolled tourism, etc.


Region of the world
Latin America and Caribbean
Society challenge
Watershed management
Field target
Mountain area
Creation of protected area
Communal development
Environmental education
Payment for Environmental Services
Natural regeneration of vegetation
Environmental monitoring
Agro-ecological systems
Revegetation with endemic species
Antisana, Equateur
Bert De Bièvre
Technical secretary
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