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Science diplomacy and transboundary water management. The Orontes River case

 The present publication has been produced in the framework of the project New Technologies (ICT) for an integrated and sustainable management of natural resources in Lebanon (referred to as "ICT project") funded by the Italian Development Cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation).
 The present publication is based, on one hand, on the results of the ICT project funded by the Italian Development Cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) through the University of Insubria, and on the other hand, on the data and accumulated experience of hydro-diplomacy efforts. It thus brings together two approaches: first a crisp analysis of the evolution in addressing the water challenges applying technological tools on basin management, and secondly, a pragmatic one, based on a case study dealing with water resources in the Middle East.
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R. Ballabio, F.G. Comair, M. Scalet, M. Scoullos (Editors) - UNESCO