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International Network of Basin
Organizations - INBO
International Office forWater
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Global Water Partnership - GWP
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International Office forWater
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ONEMA - National Agency forWater
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IntegratedWater ResourcesManagement
(IWRM) should be organized to correspond to
the scale of river, lake and aquifer basins.
Today, significant progress is required tomove
from theory to practice and take concrete action
to preserve and restore aquatic ecosystems,
which are playing a key role as green
infrastructures to regulate flow regimes
and improve water quality.
To facilitate this process, the International
Network of Basin Organizations (INBO),
the Global Water Partnership (GWP),
the International Office for Water (IOWater)
and ONEMA have joined forces to write
this handbook. This document aims to provide
practical advice on how to improvemanagement
of aquatic ecosystems, based on examples of
achievements in various national or
transboundary basins.
This handbook is addressed tomanagers of
river and lake basins, water professionals and
representatives of public authorities, as well as
non-governmental stakeholders involved in
basinmanagement and ecosystem restoration.
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