INBO - Newsletter

May 2019 - n° 27 Editorial Here is our new issue of “INBO Newsletter”. You will find a large overview of projects implemented by our network members or partners. This compilation of ongoing initiatives confirms the vitality of our net- work and the positive impacts of the river basin approach around the world. Indeed, we believe - and many examples presented here demonstrate it - that this river basin scale is relevant to implement effective water resources management in our geographical, climatic, political and cultural contexts so diverse. It allows going beyond the internal admin- istrative boundaries of each country, but also across borders between countries. Basin management contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (which now explicitly take it into account), and above all provides answers to the real and daily needs of all users who share the same water resource. 2019 is an important year for INBO, with the holding of our new World General Assembly, from 30 September to 3 October in Marrakech. INBO presidency will be transmitted from Mexico to Morocco. We hope that many of you will participate! You will find any useful information on our website: Good luck to all in your basins! Dr. Eric TARDIEU INBO General Secretary Zaragoza - Spain - November 2018 Astana - Kazakhstan - October 2018 Seville - Spain - October 2018 Katowice - Poland - December 2018 Brasilia - Brazil - March 2018