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Update: 100 Water and Climate Projects become an "Incubator for Water and Climate Projects"  [April 2023]


More frequent and intense floods and droughts, reduced river flows, degradation of aquatic ecosystems, rising sea levels resulting in salinization of coastal groundwater: water is one of the first victims of climate change. To meet the water and climate challenges, more ambitious and innovative projects are needed. 

INBO and its Permanent Technical Secretariat have been working since 2016 on the incubation of water and climate projects, enhancing in particular the interest of integrated water resources management at the level of basins. At the end of the 1st edition of the "One Planet Summit" (12 December 2017 in Paris), the President of the French Republic made a commitment to ensure the development of "100 Water and Climate projects for Africa" within 5 years.

In 2023, this initiative has evolved into a Water and Climate Project Incubator whose aim is: 

- the detection of new climate change adaptation projects
- the incubation of selected projects among the detected ones,
through the promotion of the incubator through physical and digital events and communication campaigns.

Co-financing and leverage effects are sought to finance the incubation of these projects.

International institutions mobilized

International institutions support the initiative. As co-organizers of the "One Planet Summits" alongside the Presidency of the French Republic, the World Bank and the United Nations General Secretariat contribute to its follow-up and provide support.  

In particular, the World Bank has integrated into the initiative its climate change resilience project in the transboundary Niger River basin. Like the commitments of the French Development Agency (AFD) and the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), all development banks (bilateral and multilateral) and specialized climate finance funds (Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, etc.) have a role to play in supporting the initiative. They can contribute to the identification of projects, finance their incubation or finance their implementation.

INBO: support for drawing up applications and the search for financing

The management of the initiative was entrusted to INBO, Secretariat of the World Alliances for Water and Climate (GAfWaC), within the framework of the Incubation Platform that it has been leading since the United Nations Climate Conference of Marrakech (COP22, November 2016).   

In this respect, INBO seeks and selects the relevant project proposals, co-establishes and secures the budget required for the incubation. The latter must be modest compared to the implementation budget, with a leverage effect of at least 1 to 100; on average, 60,000 euros of incubation for an implementation of 1 to 10 million euros). INBO provides technical support to the project leaders to meet the requirements and procedures of the climate finance donors.


Incubation process



The three main themes of the expected projects :



Project Category

Capacity and knowledge building :

  • Development of measurement networks (e.g. meteorology, climatology, hydrology, quality, usage, environment and biodiversity),
  • Development of Water Information Systems (WIS),
  • Development of exchange platforms on the effects of climate change and water between decision-makers and research organizations in the environmental and human sciences (including economics),
  • Development or strengthening of capacities to interpret data and translate them into appropriate policy responses.

Adapting basin planning and management to climate change 

  • Studies of climate change impacts at the basin scale,
  • Studies of vulnerabilities to climate change at basin level,
  • Development of strategies for adaptation to climate change in the basins,
  • Adoption of Basin Management Plans and action programs,
  • Adoption of action plans for flood and drought prevention,
  • Production and use of performance indicators for basin management and adaptation to climate change in basins,
  • Definition of strategies and action plans for water demand management (efficiency programs, closed loop water recycling, water saving in buildings, etc.)
  • Production of strategy and action plan for supply development (reuse of treated wastewater, rainwater harvesting, artificial recharge of aquifers, water retention measures)
  • Development of water-related ecosystem services for climate change adaptation through Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM)

Strengthen governance:

  • Strengthening the individual capacities of the staff of basin organizations through the development of training centers and programs (initial and continuous) for climate change adaptation tools in the basins,
  • Strengthening the institutional capacities of basin organizations for climate change adaptation through the development of experience sharing and good practices, 
  • Development of the integration of adaptation policies in the water sector and related sectors (agriculture, energy, transport, tourism, aquaculture, etc.) through coordination mechanisms (institutionalized or not)
  • Creation and strengthening of Basin Councils and Committees for the development of stakeholder participation in basin management, vulnerability assessment, planning and implementation of adaptation measures.

Ensure adequate funding:

  • Development of sustainable financing mechanisms for the implementation of action plans and programs,
  • Implementation of the polluter pays/consumer pays principle,
  • Development of investment programs,
  • Cost-effectiveness studies to assist in the selection of adaptation actions,
  • Financial support provided by a donor to the above actions.


You too, join the initiative!                                         


The 6 French water agencies are public State institutions that provide technical and financial support for the design and implementation of policies promoting integrated water resource management (IWRM), in a context of adaptation to climate change, in France and worldwide.

They promote balanced and sustainable management of water resources and aquatic environments, drinking water supply, flood regulation and the sustainable development of economic activities on the scale of large river basins.

The water agencies are members of the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) and participate in the organization and follow-up of many international cooperation activities on all continents. 

In line with this commitment, the Water Agencies have been mobilized since the launch of the "100 Water and Climate Projects for Africa" Initiative, which evolved in 2023 into the "Water and Climate Project Incubator", within the framework of the One Planet Summit organized on December 12, 2017 in Paris by the President of the French Republic, the President of the World Bank, and the Secretary General of the United Nations.

The water agencies are committed to contributing over 5 years to the incubation or implementation of "20 Water & Climate projects".

The French water agencies involved in Water and Climate Projects at the River Basin Level

The French water agencies regularly provide technical and financial support for the implementation of institutional cooperation projects. These consist in strengthening the legal and institutional frameworks of the organizations in charge of water resource management at the basin scale and in contributing to the improvement of governance and techniques for carrying out this mandate (monitoring and inventory of water resources, planning and implementation of action programmes, participatory management involving the users of the resource, etc.).

Within the framework of these projects, the French water agencies and their operators were able to identify in each basin of intervention the vulnerabilities to climate change and the measures that could be relevant to integrate for the incubation of water & climate projects in these territories (adaptation plan, Nature-based solutions, water saving programme, etc.).

The "20 Water & Climate projects" of the French water agencies are the result of this identification process.

The institutional cooperation actions of the French water agencies thus allow not only to improve integrated water resource management at basin level, but also to establish diagnoses and proposals for projects to fight against climate change!

A vast network of water stakeholders at the service of this initiative

As INBO Secretariat, IOWater coordinates the initiative of the Incubator for Climate and Water Projects. Many partners joined the initiative, including the World Bank, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, UNESCO, the French Water Partnership, the French Development Agency, the Interdepartmental Syndicate for Sanitation of the Parisian Agglomeration or the French Fund for Global Environment.

As part of their commitment to "20 Water & Climate projects", the French water agencies are also mobilising their large French and international network of technical operators and financial partners (Compagnie d'Aménagement des Coteaux de Gascogne, Agrisud, International research and development centre, Beninese NGO, Research and Expertise Centre for Local Development, etc.).



Pays Zone d'intervention Titre du projet Agence de l'eau porteuse
du projet
Niger Dallol Maouri, Dosso region in Niger Support for the emergence of adaptation projects and the development of integrated water resources management mechanisms in the Dallol Maouri pilot basin AESN.png
Benin Community of municipalities of coastal lagoons (CCLC) grouping the following 5 municipalities: Grand Popo, Comé, Kpomassé, Ouidah, Abomey-Calavi
Resilience to Climate Change for Vulnerable Inhabitants of Coastal Lagoons in upstream Mono

Burkina Faso Upstream part of the Upper Mouhoun river basin Reducing the impacts of Climate Change on Aquatic Ecosystems - upstream part of the Upper Mouhoun

Burkina Faso Nakanbé Water Agency competency area
Central Plateau region and surrounds
Wetlands Conservation, Autonomous Sanitation and Development of Agro-Ecology in the Nakanbé Basin
AELB-petit.jpg  AERMC_petit.pnglogo-NA-petit.png
Burkina Faso Mid Nakanbé – Massili -Ziga sub-basin Water Resources Management on the Massili-Siga Basin
Cameroun  Sanaga river basin Developing IWRM mechanisms in the Sanaga River Basin
Madagascar Central Highlands, in the Itasy, Upper Matsiatra and Vakinankaratra regions
Reducing the impacts of climate change on aquatic ecosystems in the Central Highlands of Madagascar

Morocco Sebou basin – Fes-Meknes water table Safeguarding the Fes-Meknes Water Table
Morocco Souss Massa – Arghen Valley
Improving the Resilience of rural Inhabitants by setting up Water Supply and Sanitation Services
Morocco Souss Massa – Tiout Oasis, Taroudant Province Preserving and Developing Oasis Heritage through Sustainable Agrotourism
Senegal Somone Lagoon Support to restore the Hydro-Sedimentary Balance of the Somone Lagoon in a context of Climate Change
Senegal Senegal River basin Support to operationalise the Senegal River Quality Network by setting up a Durable, Interoperable Information System
logo AEAG-2.png
Senegal Senegal River basin Sharing Satellite Observations for Service Innovation in the Senegal River Basin
logo AEAG-2.png


Business-led achievements

Expertise and innovative solutions provided by international companies

In terms of adaptation and to climate change mitigation, new concrete solutions adapted to different contexts are emerging through the involvement and expertise of French companies in close collaboration with their African partners in the field. Through export support funds, the French government helps these companies to promote their methodologies and technologies and thus contribute to the fight against climate change in the countries most affected by extreme phenomena such as those on the African continent.

From incubation to implementation, the establishment of a France-Africa ecosystem of actors

Among the incubations, several projects from the "100 water and climate projects in Africa", several projects are led by French companies that have developed an innovative system in response to the needs of urban and rural populations in terms of adaptation and climate change mitigation: Solar and connected hybrid pumps in isolated areas, smart cameras coupled with modelling, spatial altimetry applied to the monitoring of water masses, desalination plants powered exclusively by solar energy, water treatment without the use of chemicals... The objectives are to secure the supply of drinking water, to reduce and prevent the risks of flooding.

As the involvement of local stakeholders is essential to the success of these projects and to foster local appropriation of the infrastructure and technologies in order to make them sustainable, these French companies have formed partnerships with local authorities and public institutions, companies and NGOs in order to incubate their projects and then implement them. To carry out their project, they are supported by the French government via Fonds d’étude et d’aide au secteur privé (FASEP), which enables the financing of feasibility studies or mature innovative demonstrators, or via a un Prêt du Trésor , between the French government and a foreign government.

These financial tools are managed by the Treasury Directorate of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

Discover some realisations

Project title

An incubation project supported by

Angola Province of Kwanza Sul Project for rehabilitation and agricultural revival of the irrigated perimeter of the "Cooperativa do 28 Setembro"
South Africa City of Durban Auto-consumption of energy by micro-hydropower turbine in Umhlanga's drinking water networks
Benin Natitingou

UCD® Smart Village - Solarised drinking water supply system

Uganda Ciy of Kampala HpO® Artificial Intelligence System Deployment for High-Performance Kampala Drinking Water System
Burkina Faso Boromo, Bobo-Dioulaso Waterbox :innovative and ecological water treatment system
Ivory Coast Abidjan Rainfall forecasting with HD Rain technology in the context of sustainable cities in Africa
Morocco Hydraulic Basin of Sebou Ouādī 4.0 - Using digital technology to monitor floods in the city of Fez (Morocco)
Ivory Coast Ivorian national territory Programme for the rehabilitation and conversion of 1,000 water points with hybrid pumps and management systems
Kenya Municipality of Kisumu Installation of a pilot underwater acoustic listening system for continuous leak detection on drinking water distribution
South Africa unicipality of Hessequa

OSMOSUN® solar desalination in South Africa

Tunisia Medjerda Basin Hydrometeorology in Tunisia: The Medjerda Basin
Uganda hydrographic network of Uganda Smart Basin - Quantitative monitoring of surface water resources using innovative technology (spatial altimetry)

Ongoing projects

In spite of often defeatist environmental discourse, solutions for adapting to climate change, enabling the implementation of quality and sustainable integrated water resource management projects do exist!

The 100 Water and Climate Projects for Africa initiative aims to bring together project leaders, technical experts and donors to meet and collaborate.

Discover the projects already implemented!

Many water and environmental stakeholders have ideas on how to respond to the challenges our societies face in adapting to climate change.

The Incubator for Water  and Climate Projects therefore brings together project leaders, technical experts and donors to conceptualize and develop realistic, relevant and sustainable projects.   

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  • the implementation of a project that has already been incubated
  • or finance the entire life cycle of a project, from incubation to implementation 

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