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As part of the agreements adopted by the organizations attending the first version of the International Symposium of Lake Titicaca, the Binational Autonomous Authority Water System TDPS - ALT in coordination with the various institutions involved in the preservation and conservation of the basin of Peru and Bolivia has been organizing from7 to 9 of march 2013 the "Second International Symposium of Lake Titicaca" called "... a shared responsibility."
In event aims to bring together international experts to enrich the scientific technical debate and propose alternatives to government authorities integrated management of shared water resources between the two countries, as well as generate proposals for management tools for sustainable use.
The lakeside city of Puno, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Peru will host the Symposium, with the National University of Altiplano who harbored more than three hundred participants including speakers and exhibitors, the organizing committee has been conducting various meetings with In order to form the multi-sectoral platforms in each country and agree the themes and logistical aspects of the event.
The organizers aim to institutionalize the Symposium as a forum for technical and scientific treatment of the problems and potentials of Lake Titicaca, in order to build environmental responsibility among public and private actors; driving the debate from a participatory approach.
The papers and research on the Lake Titicaca are due on November 20 and registration of international participants until 31 November, the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Symposium will analyze each research proposal to prioritize their exposure according to the themes .
Lake Titicaca is the largest water body TDPS System, is located between Peru and Bolivia at an altitude of 3,810 meters, with an area of ​​8.167 km2 has five tributaries: Ramis, Huancané Coata, and Suche wrench and the river Desaguadero as effluent.
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