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The workshop offered a reflection and exchange of experiences on different themes with a view to expressing what is working and what is more difficult, based on these experiences.

After an introduction part that was set-up the scene on the EU and MS in dealing withinvasive alien species, two themes was investigated. For each, two types of exchanges will be proposed:
- in a first step , some MS was present their own experience and examples on the subject;
- in   a   second   step,round   tables was allow  participants to exchange and share opinions and experiences on different questions.

The main themes and questions that are proposed to be investigated during the workshop would be, from a RBD authorities and managers point of view.


The concept note




Provisional Agenda


PART I: Introduction

Split group A
- Theme 1 : Surveillance system

Split group B
- Theme 2 : Management of IAS

PART III: Conclusion


Papers :

- Invasive Alien Species Example of good practices French Biodiversity  agency - Gaëlle Deronzier
- Invasive Alien Species - Management of IAS - Ray Earle
- Management of Invasive Alien Species - Nicolás Cifuentes
- Surveillance of aquatic IAS in the Netherlands - Henk Groenewoud
- Development of a system of early detection of zebra mussel through analysis of eDNA - Marta Prado Rodríguez

Conclusions of the workshop - Mr. Philippe Seguin

Useful information