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Mapping the vulnerability of territories to climate change in the water sector in the Adour Garonne basin - France

Cartografía de la vulnerabilidad de los territorios al cambio climático en el sector del agua en la cuenca del Adour-Garona - Francia

Models and scientific knowledge converge to predict that by 2050, climate change will generate major hydrological changes and will have significant repercussions on the water management and aquatic environments of the Adour-Garonne basin.
In response to this challenge, in parallel with the SDAGE (designed to solve the current problems of water management), the Basin Committee of the Adour Garonne Basin Agency decided to initiate a plan for adapting to climate change in the field of water (PACC).  The PACC anticipates these changes by imagining new measures to limit future water management problems. This plan is based on a study (mapping) of the territorial vulnerabilities to climate change in the water sector and ultimately proposes adaptation measures in the Adour Garonne basin and recommended actions at local level.

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