On a day-to-day basis, the permanent multidisciplinary team is responsible for the general running of the Network by implementing its main activities, such as organizing events, coordinating projects, steering advocacy and twinning initiatives, and producing and distributing publications.

It also provides administrative and financial management.

  • To develop permanent relations between organizations interested in the overall management of water resources in large basins and to encourage exchanges of experience and expertise between them,
  • To promote in cooperation programmes the principles and means of rational water management for sustainable development,
  • Facilitate the development of tools for institutional and financial management, programming, the organization of databases and models adapted to needs,
  • Support information and training programmes for basin organizations,
  • Evaluate and disseminate the results of actions undertaken to support the creation and strengthening of basin organizations throughout the world,
  • Encourage the education of populations and the involvement of stakeholders in basin management.

Eric Tardieu

General Secretary

Stéphanie Laronde

Deputy General Secretary

Xavier Hilaire

Administrative and Financial Director

Edouard Boinet

Project manager

Marjorie Germain-Lupi

Project manager 

Alain Bernard

IWRM Expert

Christophe Brachet

Expert on cross-border cooperation in Africa

Paul Haener

 Expert on water information systems and data exchange

François-Xavier Imbert

River basin governance expert

Depending on the needs of INBO’s Permanent Secretariat and its Members, the International Office for Water can mobilize the expertise of its staff and partners in water management, in accordance with the Partnership Agreement signed between the two associations.