NARBO aims to:

  • promote and contribute to the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Asian river basins,
  • strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of its members, Asian basin organisations, as well as their good governance for better management of water resources.

NARBO organises a range of activities:

  • advocacy, awareness raising, sharing of information, good practice and lessons learned on IWRM through the NARBO website, publications, case studies, an electronic newsletter, guidelines and reference books, as well as media relations.
  • capacity building for river basin organisations in implementing IWRM and improving water governance through training courses, workshops, benchmarking activities, advisory visits, fellowship programmes, visits and staff exchange programmes between basin organisations, and twinning programmes.
  • technical advice on the planning, conservation, development, operation and maintenance of hydraulic works.
  • development of regional cooperation to improve water resource management at basin level, in particular the concerted management of transboundary basins.

Today, NARBO consists of :


Membership is open to organisations that implement or promote IWRM.

NARBO members include basin organisations, national and federal/provincial/local government organisations, organisations that produce and disseminate knowledge relevant to IWRM and bilateral and multilateral development cooperation agencies.