This Assembly brings together all the Members of the Network and is chaired by the Chairman of the Network.

It holds an ordinary meeting every three years and may hold extraordinary meetings.

Ordinary General Assembly are held as far as possible in a different geographical region.

The statutory session of the General Assembly:

  • Approves the text of the Declaration of Membership and the Charter of Organisation and Operation, as well as any amendments.
  • Officialises the accession of new Members on the proposal of the Liaison Bureau, as well as requests for the participation of permanent observers.
  • Guides the Network’s activities.
  • Approves joint projects proposed by the Liaison Bureau and, if necessary, organizes the operational units responsible for implementing them.
  • Promotes the Network to the National Authorities, bi- and multilateral cooperation organizations and international financial institutions concerned.
  • Defines the composition of the Liaison Bureau.

The conclusions of the General Assembly are reached by consensus of the Members present.

Qualified personalities or interested Organizations may be invited by the host Member(s) to attend the statutory session of the General Assembly without taking part in its deliberations in the same way as permanent observers.

Its Members play an essential role in the life of the Network through their willingness to work together and their active participation in INBO’s activities.

The General Assembly is also the body that proposes and ratifies INBO’s multi-year action plan, which is implemented by the Permanent Secretariat.

Statutory activities

INBO publishes a report on its statutory activities and presents it to its Members at the General Meeting.

Consult the last 3 statutory activities reports:

INBO is managed by a rotating world presidency, named at each General Assembly by the inviting authority or authorities.

The President is named by the host Member(s) invited for the General Assembly meeting. He represents the Network until the next General Assembly. He ensures that the recommendations of the Liaison Bureau and the conclusions of the General Assembly are applied until the next meeting and organizes the work of the Permanent Technical Secretariat.

The current Chairman is Mr Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water of the Kingdom of Morocco (in office since 2021). He succeeds Dr. Abdelkader AMARA, Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water of the Kingdom of Morocco, who assumed INBO’s Presidency (from 2019 to 2021) following his appointment at the Marrakech General Assembly (October 2019).

INBO’s World Presidency is supported in its mission by the World Liaison Bureau. It is made up of the current President and his two predecessors, the Permanent Technical Secretary, the President and Secretary of each Regional Network, as well as Member-Organizations designated by the General Assembly (GA).

This body is responsible for carrying out the deliberations of the INBO General Assembly, coordinating joint projects, analysing applications from permanent observers and new Members and adopting its recommendations by consensus among the Members present.

It is also responsible for organising GA and meets once or twice every 12 months between two GA.

Its composition may be reviewed at each GA, depending on the membership of each geographical region.