Would your organisation like to share its expertise in these two free, open-access reference publications? Send us your suggestions for articles or themes!

For the annual issue of the INBO Newsletter, we receive your contributions dealing with your activities during the year from 1 October to 31 December, for publication at the beginning of the following year.

These could cover your network’s activities over the past year, reflections on current events, innovative programmes and projects, analyses of public policies or relevant tools.

Contributions will focus on the results and lessons learnt, with background information, the issues at stake, the difficulties to be overcome and the solutions adopted.

Some examples of themes:

Financing: the ‘user pays’ and ‘polluter pays’ principles, the role of governments, local authorities, citizens and donors, the price of water, etc.
Governance: participatory and cross-sector management, legal and institutional frameworks, public policies, etc.,
Knowledge: data collection and processing, qualitative and quantitative monitoring networks, remote and satellite sensing, warning systems, water information systems, training, etc.,
Planning: inventory/diagnosis of water resources, identification of priorities, development and implementation of basin strategies and plans.