The main aim of this initiative is to call for a strengthened and lasting dialogue between the water and nature communities, to make water management and nature protection policies more coherent, and to speed up the implementation of SFN. Each signatory must commit to working towards “better integration of ecosystems and biodiversity in water sector activities”.

  1. Water and nature policies are better integrated, water measures benefit nature and ecological measures benefit water resources.
  2. Nature-based solutions are recognised as a relevant and cost-effective approach to addressing water and nature issues, when implemented to the highest standards.
  3. NbS’s innovative and relevant business and other models are widely recognised and adopted, enabling them to be widely disseminated in different contexts.
  1. Advocating the convergence of public policies and the integration of NbS
  2. Promoting nature-based solutions
  3. Supporting governments, organisations and companies implementing NbS or supporting project leaders
  4. Stimulate the commitment of the signatories of the declaration