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Training in the water sector is a profitable and sustainable investment!

For the 10th World Water Forum, organized from May 18 to 25, 2024 in Bali (INDONESIA), the representatives of public and private operators of municipal water and sanitation services, local authorities, governments, international organizations, international financial institutions, basin organizations, civil society and the private sector, bring their support for the Bali Coalition to strengthen training in the water sector.

As part of the process of the World Water Forums and the process initiated by the United Nations Water Conferences (past edition of March 2023, announced editions of 2026 & 2028), the objective of the Coalition is to promote training as an essential tool to accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in particular access to drinking water and sanitation.
It is aligned with the United Nations analysis, that has identified “capacity development” among the accelerators necessary for the implementation of SDG 6.

Today, 120 partners, including 20 core-partners from 50 countries, are committed to promoting and implementing the following recommended actions:

  • To strengthen skills and develop professional training in the water sector;
  • To support professional training through sustainable financial mechanisms;
  • To integrate professional training into human resources development strategies;
  • To use specialized training organizations, equipped with the necessary skills and educational tools;
  • To improve the attractiveness of the sector, gender balance and youth representation.

Vocational training is a profession in its own right.

Strengthening skills in water and sanitation professions is more than ever an essential priority, if we do not want water, a scarce resource, to become one of the limiting factors in the sustainable development of many countries of the world.
Faced with climate change, the delay is becoming worrying. Unprecedented mobilization is essential for humanity to win the battle for water and prepare for the future.


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